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Course description

This course is for men who are either single or in relationships and struggling with any or all of the following:

  • insecurity around approaching women you're attracted to
  • conversations with women that lead nowhere
  • feeling like you're unattractive to women
  • insecurity about your sexual ability
  • lack of experience in healthy relationships
  • shame around patterns of addiction
  • a dating life that's a long way from what you want
Although this course does focus on how to approach a woman successfully, as well as dating and in the bedroom tips, the principles taught are just as relevant to men in relationships, as well as to single men. 

If you're in a relationship, take the principles from this course and apply them to how you approach YOUR woman.

If you're single, go out and apply these principles to women you find attractive, and enjoy the transformation you'll notice in your romantic life.

The majority of men feel a lot of resistance at the prospect of approaching a woman they are attracted to.


If this resistance is not explored and addressed it leads to a pattern of not taking action with women you desire. This often leads to finding yourself in dating situations and/or relationships that you weren't sure you really wanted to be in. Either dating women that you're not really into, or in relationships where the woman took the initiative from the beginning and you're just following along because you don't see a better option.


In an effort to address their suffering, some men seek help from the pick-up artist industry, which teaches men manipulative tricks designed purely to get women into bed. Men who take to this path generally fall into a casual-sex based lifestyle and demonstrate an inability to create meaningful emotional connections with women.


In our work with men, we've discovered that most men fundamentally look for depth of connection with amazing women. They want to be able to successfully approach women that they find attractive and they want to create beautiful intimacy with them. 


Despite the hype about all the tips and tricks you need to "pick up" a woman, there is a way to successfully approach woman you desire without needing to resort to approaches taught by the pick-up artist industry.

In this online program, we go deeply into how you as a man can be successful with women you desire through a totally honest and authentic approach. This approach will help you overcome insecurity in the form of fear of rejection or concern about coming across as pushy.

 We answer many questions that men struggle with:

  • where to meet amazing women,
  • what do women truly want & how to give them that,
  • how to approach her in a way that opens her up and gives you the best chance of creating a connection with her,
  • how to ask for her number and ask her out on a date,
  • how to move things into the bedroom,
  • healthy relationship principles,
  • and much more.


PLEASE ENQUIRE WITH HELENA TO LEARN MORE: helena@helenanista.com.au 

If you're not satisfied with this course, simply let us know within 14 days and we'll give you a full refund!

Helena Nista & Dave McDermott

Helena Nista & Dave McDermott

Sex Coach & Masculine Empowerment Coach

Helena Nista is one of Australia's leading Sex Coaches and Tantra practitioners. She is a mentor, author, speaker and lover. She is a certified sexologist and Tantra teacher. 

She is passionate about helping her clients become the best lovers they can possibly be, overcome any sexual difficulties and create great sex lives. Her mission in life is to spark a sexual revolution that will break through the shackles of conditioning and limiting beliefs to empower people to experience sex as natural, healthy and utterly beautiful. 

Helena teaches her clients beautiful tools and rituals of passionate lovemaking.

She is the author of 'Legendary Lover', a unique program which outlines her 6-step methodology to make sex both profound and ecstatic.

W www.helenanista.com

E helena@helenanista.com.au

Connect with Helena through social media:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Dave McDermott is a masculine empowerment coach with a passion for helping men address what’s holding them back from living the lives they want in the areas of their masculinity, sex lives and relationships. 

His personal story is one of growing up with sexual repression and working through the effects of that, which led him to deeply explore his own sexuality and masculinity. 

He has arrived at a place of living fully in integrity, clear about his purpose in the world, confident in who he is as a sexual being, a highly conscious lover, and fully committed to the journey of understanding of what women really want in the depths of their hearts and how to give them that.

W https://www.empoweredman.com.au/ 

E dave@davemcdermott.com.au

Connect with Dave through social media:

Facebook and Youtube.

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