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Originating in India, Tantra is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice. It is practiced to achieve enlightenment and the philosophy applies both in the bedroom and in all aspects of life. In Tantra, sex and orgasm are a way to achieve spiritual awareness. When Shiva, male energy, and Shakti, female energy, come into a sexual union, they are able to reach the highest point of enlightenment. Their sacred relationship is the gateway to harmony, achievement and bliss in every way possible.

We can all practice Tantric sex and obtain its benefits. If you can keep your body relaxed and your mind clear of the everyday tasks and issues, your inner god or goddess can awaken. Using your breath, you can spread orgasmic energy from your genitals through your entire body. This full body experience can lead to a deeper, more intimate connection with your partner.

It’s important to remember, however, that orgasm is not the goal in Tantra. Instead, it’s being in the moment and staying present and aware of your body while you and your partner are experiencing pleasure and arousal. If you focus only on getting to one high orgasmic peak, you will miss out on tons of other joys and sensations happening in your bodies along the way.

Tantra teaches us to take the time and approach the sexual connection slowly, with attention. This allows women to experience orgasm more quickly since they learn to become more relaxed and sensitized. It also empowers men to last longer and to gain a better control over their bodies and excitement. 

Women love slow, sensual lovemaking. Their bodies warm up slowly and an unhurried pace allows them to relax and surrender to the experience and to their pleasure. 

In fact, the more relaxed she is and the deeper her breath, the more sensitive her body becomes. And a slow, patient touch is full of tease, anticipation and a promise of more delights to come…

But if during sex she’s moving in a fast, frantic way, she’s likely trying to get her pleasure and her orgasm before he finishes.

The course delves into the following topics:

  • What is Tantra,
  • Why most women (and many men) find sex frustrating and disappointing,
  • How to master your sexual energy and become a tantric lover,
  • How to control your arousal and erection,
  • How to last as long as you want to,
  • What are male multiple orgasms and how to achieve them,
  • And much more!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Tantra for Beginners has a 14-day, super easy money back guarantee. 

Take your time and experience the program for yourself. Make sure to watch the videos AND perform the homework practices. And if you aren't completely blown-away with what you learn, we will refund you every cent, no questions asked.

We want you to feel comfortable and totally confident about this program because we know that when you listen to it and start using it, you'll be more than ecstatic!


Reviews (20)

thank you for the all sharings about tantra. I found very useful and relearn again

by ceyda kurhan

by Robin Collett

by Umer Ejaz

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thank you for the all sharings about tantra. I found very useful and relearn again

by ceyda kurhan

by Robin Collett

by Umer Ejaz

A great introductory course, that has really opened my eyes to just how wonderful and beautiful sex can be. But not only about sex, it is about being present and connecting with your partner. Thankyou Helena x

by Carolyne Cappola

Thank you for offering this short course. Greatly edited short videos, so it is an easy project to fit into the day watching/reading. Valuable messages in each of them. I really enjoyed the way you brought me in touch with the subject. With so much respect and playfulness too. Thank you!

by Linda Stocker

This course was very interesting, and showed me how so many of us in the Western world lack knowledge of who we really as individuals. We are all connected and when it comes to our sexuality I sincerely believe we have to understand ourselves first, love ourselves as we are and then connected spiritually with another who reflects us. Sex is still taboo in many countries in the west, but I have now decided to break free from this mental slavery and oppression, from religion and other people's opinion on what is good and bad, and step into my sexual power and own it. Thank you. Love and light..

by Jodie Andrew

This short course, which was entirely free and nicely paced over 6 days, took me by surprise. It challenged my fossilised logical/scientific thinking, expanded my (male) mind and invited my body and soul to embark on a journey of discovery. I now have chance to revitalise a part of me that was dormant and dying.

by Richard Dowden

I have been studying tantra for 5 years, so I knew a lot of the material, but I still thought it was well organized and explained. Few sources explain the basics as well as this. Thank you!

by Bob Brown

by Gabor Erdos

by Jennifer Riddle

by vito tronnolone

by Latisha Dunlap

A great simple explanation for a Tantra novice. Well worth doing.

by Bob Allens

Helena is really a wonderful woman with great thinking on sex. I am an Indian and I assure that she has redefined some forgotten notions of sex. May Helena be blessed...

by Adrij Roy

by Sissi Angel

Wonderful introduction to Tantra, clearly explained concepts with practical exercises. I really enjoyed it! Thank you :-)

by Lucy Kingsley

by Shelley Rezai

by Adam Brown

Great intro to the ideas.

by Ellen James

Helena Nista's "Introduction To Tantra" provides an excellent foundation for men and women new to Tantra. And the more experienced can also benefit from being reminded of basic principles. With her unique charm, Helena delivers a crystal clear presentation of what the ancient tradition of Tantra is, and how it can powerfully transform modern living. She shares her knowkedge and experience with passion, yet remains down-to-earth. It is a pleasure to learn from her. Although this is a free course at an introductory level, it is no mere "quickie". There is valuable material here which it will pay to take time over and revisit again and again.

by Steve Szubert

Helena Nista

Helena Nista

Sex Therapist & Tantra Practitioner

Helena Nista is a Sex Therapist, Intimacy Coach & Tantra Practitioner. She is a mentor, author, speaker and lover. She is a certified sexologist, somatic counsellor and Tantra teacher. 

She is passionate about helping her clients become the best lovers they can possibly be, overcome any sexual difficulties and create great sex lives. Her mission in life is to spark a sexual revolution that will break through the shackles of conditioning and limiting beliefs to empower people to experience sex as natural, healthy and utterly beautiful. 

Helena teaches her clients beautiful tools and rituals of passionate lovemaking.

She is the author of 'Legendary Lover', a unique program which outlines her 6-step methodology to make sex both profound and ecstatic. 



Connect with her through social media:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Course Contents

6 Videos

7 Texts

Course Curriculum

Day 2: Channelling sexual energy

Day 3: Ecstasy expands in relaxation

Day 4: Breathing into bliss

Day 5: Presence and mindfulness

Day 6: What is tantric orgasm