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  • Would you like to attract an abundance of love, joy, money, adventure, peace and more into your life?
  • Would you like to manifest the life of your dreams?
  • Would you like to learn to harness the power of your orgasms to super-charge your desires?

You probably know that sex can be a magical experience. But did you know that magic can be a sexual experience???

Sex Magic is a powerful modality that combines the vision of your desired goal with the incredible power of your orgasmic potential. Sexual magic is REAL MAGIC! It uses the force of your expanded orgasm to move and propel your desired outcome out into the layers of universal consciousness where that vision can then be turned into your physical reality.

Sex Magic is like Law of Attraction on steroids. It involves you not only imagining and visualising your desires, but also sending them out into the Cosmos on the wave of your strong ecstatic charge. 

This is the most potent force of creation known to man because it incorporates nature's ultimate creative force - sexual energy. 

Sex Magic In My Life

I must admit that when I first heard of sexual magic, I was sceptical… I wondered if the whole thing was just another weird, woo-woo thing praised by some small segment of alternative community, but absolutely ineffective for all of us, normal people. 

The first few times I tried it, I didn’t feel the Universe opening up for me. I didn’t experience anything special or extraordinary. To be honest, there was nothing too magical about it either.

But in all fairness, I didn’t get any proper guidance at that point and had a very hazy idea of what I was supposed to be doing. It took me some more time and a deeper insight into it to actually unlock the magic.

But when it first happened… whoa!!! I didn’t know what hit me! When I channelled my vision properly for the first time, when I charged it and activated it fully, when I moved it up my inner channel to finally release it with my orgasm, I was hooked! I knew that this was the real deal.

The whole experience left me elated, happy and excited for days. The teachers of manifestation say that you need to feel like what you wish for has already happened, you need to release the doubt and anticipate excitedly your wish to come true… This is exactly what I felt! For the first time in my life, I was capable of holding the energetic vision of my desired goal and feel excited about it, without all the negative energies of doubt and pessimism sneaking in to sabotage my efforts.

And this is why sexual magic is so powerful! It not only sends your desire out into the Universe on the powerful charge of your orgasmic force… It also keeps you for much, much longer in the state of receptivity so that you can remain open to the manifestation, while the cosmic forces are conspiring to bring it into your physical reality.

I’ve put together everything I learned about Sex Magic and condensed it into my Manifesting with Sex Magic online course. This is the easiest way to tap into the powerful forces of creation within yourself and the entire Universe. These forces have the ability to bring anything you want into existence and are available for anybody to use.

My results with Sex Magic:

I first came across Sex Magic in 2015 and have since used it successfully to manifest:

- money,

- business opportunities,

- travel,

- community of amazing friends,

- sex,

- health and wellness,

- and much more!

Sex Magic is responsible for some truly mind-blowing things and experiences in my life! Which is why I'm so excited to finally share it with the world! Over the years I've learnt a lot about this mystical art and I've perfected it through trial and error. 

And now you too can start harnessing the power of your orgasm to super-charge your desires!

Frequently Asked Questions about Manifesting with Sex Magic course:

Q: Is this course for women only?
No, it’s not. This course is for both men and women. Anybody who can experience arousal and sexual energy in their body can practice sexual magic.
Q: Can I do the course at my own pace?
Yes, you can. The content of the course is released over a period of 5 weeks, however, you can take as much time as you need to progress through it. And afterwards, you’ll keep a full access for as long as you want. It means that you can keep coming back to the entire course or any particular sections of it as much as you want and whenever you want.
Q: Do I need to have a partner to complete this course?
No, you don’t. Sexual magic can be performed on your own or with a partner. Every practice can be done as a part of your masturbation experience or as part of partner play.
Q: Does this stuff really work?
Yes, it does. Using the state of orgasm to charge and activate your desired goals is a powerful way to manifest. In practice, this means that you’ll be placing yourself in a high state of energetic activation while sending your vision out into the Universe where the creative fields of cosmic consciousness can turn that vision into your physical reality.
Q: How will doing this course affect my life?
You will become a powerful manifestor, capable of bringing into your life any goal, dream and desire. You will learn all necessary steps to perform your own Sex Magic ritual on your own or with a partner, in order to tap into the creative forces of the Universe. You’ll become unstoppable in creating the life of your dreams.
You’ll also learn to greatly expand your orgasm which is an important step in becoming a sex magician. And that skill will benefit not only your manifesting skills, but also your intimate experiences in the bedroom!

Are you ready? Let's begin!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Manifesting with Sex Magic has a 14-day, super easy money back guarantee. 

Take your time and experience the program for yourself. Make sure to watch the videos AND perform the homework practices. And if you aren't completely blown-away with what you learn, we will refund you every cent.*

We want you to feel comfortable and totally confident about this program because we know that when you listen to it and start using it, you'll be more than ecstatic!

* Refunds are subject to Terms & Conditions.

Helena Nista

Helena Nista

Sex Therapist & Tantra Practitioner

Helena Nista is a Sex Therapist, Intimacy Coach & Tantra Practitioner. She is a mentor, author, speaker and lover. She is a certified sexologist, somatic counsellor and Tantra teacher. 

She is passionate about helping her clients become the best lovers they can possibly be, overcome any sexual difficulties and create great sex lives. Her mission in life is to spark a sexual revolution that will break through the shackles of conditioning and limiting beliefs to empower people to experience sex as natural, healthy and utterly beautiful. 

Helena teaches her clients beautiful tools and rituals of passionate lovemaking.

She is the author of 'Legendary Lover', a unique program which outlines her 6-step methodology to make sex both profound and ecstatic. 

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